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Folk Tales (Double Guitar Concerto)

When I was approached to write a new work for the Tichy Guitar Festival, they shared the idea of mixing Brazilian and Polish music. Most of my knowledge of Polish music came from my adoration of Frederic Chopin’s music and songs from the Podhale region, which reminds me of the music of Bartók. To create this work, I connected folk tunes and themes from other countries and incorporated them into what is now called “FOLK CONCERTO.”

I began writing the piece with the second movement, using an eclectic mix of ideas that draw on the lyricism of the early music of Brazil, which blends beautifully with the melodic and harmonic designs of Chopin’s waltzes. Then I proceeded to work on a fun, lively, and unusual fusion between the grassroots sounds of Americana music, early rock and roll, and the poignant drive of the music from the Podhale mountains to end the piece. The first movement, which became a more abstract collage of motifs, bits, and elements, sets a contrasting tone and introduces the listener to the essence of the work.






23 min


Two Guitars and String Orchestra

2gtr Str

00:00 / 00:11

Commissioned by the Cabrillo Festival

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