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O Saci-Pererê

Saci-Pererê is a popular Brazilian mythological character I grew up reading about so much, I used to think it was real. Part of my fascination with Saci as a child is that he’s a magical being. He’s also a very interesting looking creature: He is short, has only one leg but can move swiftly through the woods; he has dark, chocolate mocha skin and wears a red, magic cap that enables him be invisible, disappear and reappear whenever he wishes. Myth has it that Saci can be very evil when and if he wishes to, though mostly towards people who are not nice. So I guess that makes him a good guy in a way. Other rumors I’ve heard about Saci is that he loves to play pranks on people, and sports a loud and boisterous laughter of delight whenever something goes wrong… Another facet of this incredible creature is that he becomes a bird, who sings a beautiful, mournful song. As a bird, Saci is known as Matita-Perê.






23 min


Concerto for Guitar and Orchestra

111*1 - 1110 T2 str solo gtr

00:00 / 00:11

Commissioned by the Harris Foundation

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