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“I cannot tell you how much we enjoyed the Gold Rush! I've never seen the kids so engaged. [Symphonica Productions] have created something incredibly special - and something that needs to become the new norm in educational programming.”

"Dr. FREAKuency’s Major Monster Bash is the third Symphonica Productions concert we’ve featured in the last year. The music was fantastic, the actors were brilliant, the costumes, props, and projections added to the fun, but best of all was the enthusiasm Enrico Lopez-Yañez brought to the stage. His energy was infectious and I’m not sure who had more fun – the audience, our ushers, or the musicians on stage! Not only was the concert a huge success, the lead-up to the show was a breeze.

Symphonica Productions make everything so easy by providing the music, script, actors, and props. Enrico is incredibly organized and professional, and working with him is always a pleasure. Now that our community has become familiar with Enrico’s shows, the buzz grows quickly that he’s coming back to town and the praise for his thoughtful and entertaining shows has yet to die down. The RPO and the Rochester community are among Enrico’s and Symphonica Production’s number one fans!"

“The audience, and musicians, had a excellent time. The show was very well thought out with an excellent balance of learning and entertainment. It’s yet another example of why we enjoy working with [Symphonica Productions]”

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