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Dr. Freakuency's

Sound Lab

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Scientific Journal

Dr. Freakuency and his lab assistant Bunsen are in need of some young scientists to examine the science of sound. Step into the orchestral laboratory as they explore the aspects of sound production in music.

Audiences will employ the Scientific Method as they investigate scientific and musical concepts including sound waves, frequency and pitch, amplitude and dynamics, and more. This highly interactive show  will have your students observing, hypothesizing, learning and laughing like never before!

Dr. Freakuency's Sound Lab  features classic and modern orchestral favorites.


Program Options

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Education Concert

Dr. Freakuency's Sound Lab is designed for audiences in grades 6 - 8.  

In their experiments to uncover the secrets of symphonic sound, students will learn about the Scientific Method, musical concepts -- including pitch, dynamics, and timbre -- and scientific concepts about sound wave mechanics, frequency and amplitude. Featuring music by Beethoven, Rossini, and Rimsky-Korsakov, the program uses classical music to enhance the understanding and interconnectedness of musical and scientific concepts.

Dr. Freakuency's Sound Lab engagements include: 

- A customized educator packet highlighting the specific state standards fulfilled by this program.

- A repertoire and pre-show teaching guide including musical excerpts.  


Customized Options

- Instrumentation: Available in both full  or

reduced orchestra editions

  *3*3*3*3 - 4331 T4   hp   pf   str

   2121 - 2221   T2   str

- Performers: This show travels with

conductor plus one actor/singer.

- Ages: This show is available for  

audiences in 4th-8th grade.  

- Also available in Spanish!

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