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The Trail West

Gold has just been discovered in California and Rico "Roughrider" Lopez is looking for some brave adventurers to join him on his perilous journey across the United States. Do you have what it takes to cross raging rivers, outwit nasty outlaws, and stare down wild buffalo? Join us on this musical adventure celebrating the great American composers, including Copland, Sousa, Grofé, E. Bernstein and more! This is an adventure for families, with children of all ages, that you don't want to miss!

Gold Rush features classical and modern orchestral favorites that transport explorers back to the year1849 where they will have to learn about melody, rhythm, and dynamics if they hope to make it to California for a chance at striking it rich.


Photo Courtesy of the Sarasota Orchestra

Look Before You Book

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Program Options

Education and Family Concert Versions

Saddle up for Gold Rush: An American Musical Adventure as part of your Family or Education programming.  

Education Concert

Gold Rush: An American Musical Adventure is available for audiences age 4 through 5th grade.  

As they travel west, student adventurers learn about melody, rhythm and dynamics through music by Copland, E. Bernstein, Sousa and more.  The musical concepts acquired along the trail are tested when students have to mine for gold upon reaching California.  Explorers will have to wield a pick axe to prove their musical knowledge by leading the orchestra! 


Engagements for education concerts include: 

- A customized educator packet highlighting the specific state standards fulfilled by this program.

- A repertoire and pre-show teaching guide including musical excerpts.  

- Teacher instructions for the construction of homemade instruments to be used during the performance. 

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Family Concert

Gold Rush: An American Musical Adventure is also a thrilling journey as part of your family series.  

As they head west in search of gold, audience adventurers encounter the concepts of melody, harmony, and rhythm through music by Copland, E. Bernstein, Sousa and more.  The musical knowledge they discover is critical in being able to mine for gold upon reaching California. Adventurers from the audience will have a chance to wield a pick axe and lead the orchestra!

Customized Options For Your Orchestra


- Instrumentation: This show is available for Full Orchestra or String Orchestra


- Performers: This show travels with conductor plus one actor.

- Ages (Education Concert): Available for  audiences age 4 through 6th grade.  

- Also available in Spanish!                        

                                                                  Commissioned by the

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