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The Voyage Begins

All hands on deck! When Captain Enrico and First Mate Pip discover a clue to the lost treasure of Captain Blackbeard, they recruit their audience of new sailors to sail the seven seas in search of this legendary prize. But the notorious Captain Guerrero and his salty crew of scallywags are also on the hunt and will stop at nothing to get to the treasure first.

Pirates! The Quest for Blackbeard's Treasure features classical and modern orchestral favorites that transport explorers to the high seas where they must navigate musical challenges if they wish to find the treasure before the pirates!

Education and Family Concert Versions

Set sail with Pirates! The Curse of Blackbeard's Treasure as part of your Family or Education programming.  

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Program Options

Education Concert

Pirates! The Curse of Blackbeard's Treasure is available for audiences age 4 through 5th grade.  

As they search for Blackbeard's treasure, student sailors learn about melody, dynamics, and rhythm through music by Dvořák, Mendelssohn, and Wagner.  The musical knowledge they acquire along the way is tested in the climactic encounter with Captain Guerrero.  Once the treasure is found, explorers from the audience have a chance to steer the ship by conducting the orchestra! 


Engagements for education concerts include: 

- A customized educator packet highlighting the specific state standards fulfilled by this program.

- A repertoire and pre-show teaching guide including musical excerpts.  

- Teacher instructions for the construction of homemade instruments to be used during the performance. 

Family Concert

Pirates! The Curse of Blackbeard's Treasure is also a thrilling journey as part of your family series.  

As they search for Blackbeard's treasure, your audience voyages across the seven seas exploring music by Wagner, Mendelssohn and John Williams.  They will solve riddles to uncover the location of the hidden treasure and even perform a sing-along challenge to prove their sea worthiness.  But will they be able to do so before Captain Guerrero and his pirates find the treasure?

Conductor and Pirate Giancarlo Guerrero

Customized Options For Your Orchestra


- Instrumentation: Available for Full Orchestra or Chamber Orchestra


- Performers: This show travels with conductor plus one or two actors.

- Visuals: Can be performed with screen and projection or, in smaller spaces, using a large flat screen TV.

- Ages (Education Concert): Available for  audiences age 4 through 5th grade.  

- Also available in Spanish!

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