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​Mission Overview

Enlist in Symphonic Starforce, board the Sonic Spaceship, and set a course for intergalactic adventure!

The galaxy is in danger: The villainous Lieutenant Tritone is stealing the three legendary Orb Crystals that maintain peace and order among the star systems. Along with Cadet ("Captain") Enrico and the autonomous bot A440, the audience is recruited by the Starforce General to employ musical maneuvers in a cosmic race to thwart Lieutenant Tritone. The new crew boards the Sonic Spaceship and musically travels to distant planets to secure the Orb Crystals. During their mission, the cadets must repair the ship's Rhythm Reactor and Dynamic Thruster, as well as navigate a treacherous Pitch Propulsion Field in order to save the galaxy from total destruction.  

The Symphony in Space  concert features classic and modern orchestral favorites. Paired with dynamic visuals and video it is an irresistibly engaging journey!

Photo Courtesy of Omaha Symphony

Look before you book

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Conductor Thomas Wilkins in Symphony in Space
Cadet Enrico, A440 and more prepare for Symphony in Space at the Omaha Symphony
Conductor Ernest Richardson as Lieutenant Tritone during Symphony in Space
Conductor Enrico performing Symphony in Space in Omaha Nebraska

Program Options

Education and Family Concert Versions

Symphony in Space  is a stellar choice for both Education and Family concerts.

Our flagship program is configured to fit your programming and instrumentation needs.  

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Education Concert

Symphony in Space is available for audiences age 4 through 5th grade.  


In their quest to save the galaxy, students learn about rhythm, pitch, and dynamics. Featuring music by Beethoven, Mendelssohn, and Sibelius, the program culminates in an epic space battle where the student cadets demonstrate their new musical knowledge.

Symphony in Space engagements for education concerts include: 

- A customized educator packet highlighting the specific state standards fulfilled by this program.

- A repertoire and pre-show teaching guide including musical excerpts.  

- Teacher instructions for the construction of homemade instruments to be used during the performance. 

Family Concert

Symphony in Space is also perfect for your family series as an entertainment-based adventure aboard the Sonic Spaceship.


Symphonic blockbusters by Holst, Wagner, Brahms, and John Williams showcase the thrill of the orchestra as we travel through space to protect the galaxy. This interactive experience has children and parents alike laughing, singing, and moving along with your orchestra.

Photo Courtesy of Omaha Symphony

Customized Options For Your Orchestra

- Instrumentation: Available in both full  or reduced orchestra editions

  *3*3*3*3 - 4331 T4   hp   pf   str

   2222 - 2211   T1   hp(opt)   pf (opt)   str

- Performers: This show travels with conductor plus one or two actors.

- Visuals: Can be performed with screen and projection or, in smaller spaces, using a large flat screen TV.

- Ages (Education Concert): This show is available for  audiences age 4 through 5th grade.  

- Also available in Spanish!

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