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The Symphonic

School Bus

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Seat belts, everyone!

There’s a new teacher in town, and she’s got a field trip to the symphony that’s second to none! Unfortunately, she and her class discover that disaster has struck and the world-renowned musician Gargamini will not be able to perform. It’s up to the students and the Symphony to help their new teacher learn to play Gargamini’s mysterious instrument and save the concert.


By exploring all the different instrument families of the orchestra, students will work to make their own dynamic deductions as to how each family uses vibrations to create music and unlock the secrets of Gargamini’s masterpiece. 


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Program Options

Education Concert

The Symphonic School Bus is available for audiences age 4 through 5th grade.

On their fieldtrip to the symphony students learn how the woodwind, brass, percussion, and string families produce their unique sounds. Featuring music by Verdi, Tchaikovsky, and Strauss Sr., the concert showcases how each family's vibrations combine to make exciting music. Students must help the teacher unlock the secrets of Gargamini's mysterious instrument and their success is celebrated with the world premiere of the Concerto for Zipalobob and Orchestra

The Symphonic School Bus engagements include:

- A customized educator packet highlighting the specific state standards fulfilled by this program.

- A repertoire and pre-show teaching guide including musical excerpts.

- Teacher instructions for the construction of homemade instruments to be used during the performance.


Customized Options For Your Orchestra

- Instrumentation: Available in both full  or reduced orchestra editions

  *3*3*3*3 - 4331   T4   hp   pf   str

   2121 - 2221   T2   str

- Performers: This show travels with conductor and one actor.

- Ages: This show is available for  audiences age 4 through 5th grade.  

- Also available in Spanish!

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